An Investigation of Metadiscursive Manner Markers across Sciences and Languages in Research Articles
Ghader Sadolahi (M.A), Reza Abdi (Ph.D.)

This study investigated the distribution of metadiscursive manner markers across English and Persian languages in different parts of scientific research articles including abstracts, introductions, methodologies, and results & discussions across human and basic sciences in six disciplines consisting of psychology, sociology, education, biology, chemistry, medicine. For this purpose, 108 recently published articles including 54 English articles and 54 Persian articles were selected from reliable and valid journals. Three journals from each discipline and then three articles from each journal were randomly selected to build the corpus of the study to find out the distribution of metadiscursive manner markers including transitions, frame markers and code glosses in research articles, and also differences among HS and BS based on cooperative principle model (Abdi, et al, 2010). After getting raw and balanced summary tables of metadiscursive manner markers distribution for both English and Persian languages, results showed that there are significant differences between English and Persian HS and BS articles in the use of transitions, code glosses, and frame markers and also between English and Persian languages in general.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v3n2a17