Assessment of Patterns of Readership of Online Newspapers in Selected Nigerian Universities
Nkemdilim Patrick (Ph.D.)

Online newspapers are sources of information that can facilitate self development. While Internet use is high in many Nigerian universities, how much the staff and students know about, and read online newspapers is uncertain. This study adopts survey to determine which Nigerian online newspapers are known, and read in selected Nigerian universities; factors affecting readership; and how readership contributes to human development. Findings indicate that Nigerian online newspapers are well-known among staff and students of the selected Nigerian universities, but only a few of them spend above 40% of browsing time reading Nigerian newspapers online. However, the online newspapers had significant impact of staff and students of the selected universities in the areas of enriching their knowledge on important issues; enabling them to enlighten others on important issues; and correcting their impressions on issues. This indicates that level of their dependency on the online newspapers is high even though circumstances beyond their control force many of them to spend short time reading the online newspapers. The study recommends that reliable and affordable Internet connectivity, and steady electricity supply would encourage readership of online newspapers in Nigerian universities.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v3n2a4