Language, Intercultural Communication and Development: A Psycholinguistics Analysis of Conflicting Paradigms in Sub-Saharan African Sustainable Development Dilemma
Tangyie Evani C.A., Lemlilian Atanga, Emmanuel Nforbi, Edmond Biloa, Ntonifor Helen ; Sonny Roland Balinga

Concepts in relation to dynamics of global development remain conspicuously absent in the curriculum at all levels of education in Sub Saharan Africa. This situation has obscured the understanding of complex efforts on connecting intercultural communication to the increasing adoption of a widening range of educational services and mechanisms that would lead to more effective and adequate results .This paper sets to redefine language and intercultural communication as spirals of development while underscoring the pertinence of the implementation of a twin-track westernised and local community approaches to spur up the process of development in African countries south of the Sahara. In analysing these issues within a psycholinguistics perspective, the paper will be contributing to a better understanding of the fundamental conflicting paradigms in the nature and goals of global education for sustainable development.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v4n1a10