CPE as a Social Practice: Creativity and Dynamism as an Aspect of Communication in Multilingual Contexts
Dr. MM Mai

This paper explores the misrepresentation of third world societies due to lack of actual experience of its contexts. Drawing from the concept language as a social practice, this paper relies on a multi-sited ethnography to argue that attempts to fit multilingual practices into a monolingual framework may not only hinder verbal expression from the masses but also delay development. By focusing on various scholarly works, the article draws from extensive cultural practices that portray a diverse and multilingual country, Cameroon which if allowed to explore her linguistic potentials, may engender greater possibilities of development and communication not just within Cameroon but also across the rest of Africa and beyond. The article shows that linguistic practices of social agent are a way of live and hence, natural for multilingual speakers to a mixed different forms and styles of language and to Tran’s language for communication purposes. From this study, CPE is shown to have developed and to have adopted the status of a common language that cuts across linguistic, social and international boundaries. Thus this study identifies the dilemma of reproducing social structures and performing social practices and identities.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v4n1a2