Measuring English Teachers’ Use of Technology: Multiple Measures and Their Importance
Dr. Sameiha Alhussain N. Khawaji

Governments and administration of schools have been interested in making huge investment in integration of computer technology since 1990. Computer technology have brought many advantages and benefits for learning environment and educational system, however, many researchers have provided evidence that computer technology is affecting the lives of students and teachers. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate the impact of technology on learning so that investments could be steered in the most effective ways. This study aims to explore teachers’ technology use in which measurement of technology use is emphasized considering the pertinence of research method to conduct a study. Quantitative research methodology has adopted in which primary data was collected from teachers of K – 12 schools. Comparison has made between single composite and multiple measure approach to study the impact of computer in schools. Results provide a coherent view and insight into the methods of measuring teachers’ technology use and improved strategies.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v4n2a3