Meaning in Doctor-Patient Communication
Etienne Mupemba Kabwe Kantanda

For anybody to work and develop her/his environment, s/he must be well i.e. healthy. Unfortunately, the human body can fall sick and die. To avoid sufferance and sometimes death, people go to hospital to seek for recovery. This recovery depends on good medical treatment. A good health care is mostly based on a good communication between doctor and patient. This type of communication is called Doctor-Patient Communication. A good communication is the one in which both doctor and patient understand each other. Understanding requires a clear transfer of meaning. This article investigates into meaning in doctor-patient communication. It attempts to point out how much meaningful the interaction between doctor and patient is. How much do doctors and patients understand each other? How is meaning grasped? How is meaning processed? Are there any meaning barriers? If “yes” what are the suggestions? These are questions which this paper tries to answer.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v6n1a2