Realpolitik of Gender and Religious Discourse With Reference To Iranian Nights
Sundus Gohar, Sharjeel Ashraf, Roshaan Amber Ali, Sumbal Sarfraz, Sadia Nazir

This paper aims at exploring the Realpolitik that has become the hegemony and a monopolizing tactic of West for East. In Iranian Nights Realpolitik is a system through which west has been ruling over East from centuries, in past this rule was over land and now it is over psyches. Edward Said in his book Orientalism has explored how the binaries of Orient/Occident and Self/Other have given an aura of superiority to West over East. This paper further tries to explore the xenophobia that has completely over shadowed the minds and thoughts of Occident who have become more of „fanatics‟. In order to discover the Realpolitik of West the Postcolonial theory of Edward Said in his book Orientalism is taken in to consideration. This paper signifies that the roles given to east by west actually are their own characteristics that they cannot accept but are readily willing to impose them on others and this paper aims to challenge all the binaries created by West.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v7n2a4