Analysis of Contrast and Translation of English and Chinese Film Titles
Lyu Liangqiu, An Mengtian

Film is an important artistic form of popular culture. As an indispensable part of film, film title plays a significant role in film propaganda. A good film title not only can attract the attention of audiences, but also can concisely embody the content and theme of film. With the development of cultural exchanges between China and Western countries, the communication of Chinese and English films is more and more in-depth and extensive. The translation of film titles should accord with the characteristics of target language to be understood by foreign audiences, and it also should retain the original charm to spread culture to other countries. In order to explore how to translate film titles successfully, this paper will analyze the translation of film titles from the perspective of contrastive study. Through the given examples and careful analysis, this paper will compare the language characteristics of Chinese and English film titles, and then it will investigate how different translation methods are used in film title translation to realize its functions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijlc.v8n2a4